Self Shadow Only Issue


I’m in the process of creating a space cinematic in UE5.2, featuring a purposefully oversized space station casting an unwanted enormous shadow on Earth which looks unrealistic. If it was real distance/size ratio the shadow would not be visible from space. The effect I’m aiming for is to have the space station only cast shadows on itself, while avoiding the projection of its shadow onto the Earth or other actors. To achieve this, I thought the “Self Shadow Only” option would be my solution.

However, it seems the “Self Shadow Only” setting isn’t having any effect. Despite enabling it, the space station continues to cast a shadow onto the Earth, not just on its own structure.

To give you more context about my setup, I’m currently using a single Directional Light source (representing the Sun) which is set to movable. I’m also utilizing the Lumen GI and Reflection.

Could anyone provide insights or suggestions regarding what I might be missing or overlooking in this scenario? I appreciate any advice that could help me solve this issue.