Selective or Random order of players in a multiplayer game

I’m making a multiplayer quiz game. The maximum number of players is six.

When a new game starts the players need to select the order they will follow in a round. This is done either selectively or randomly. If they select Randomly, the computer will randomly choose who will be the first, second, or third player, and so on. If they choose Selectively, the players choose the order they will follow in the round.

Because my English is limited I’d like to ask you which of the following sentences should appear during the game when the players need to make a choice:

  1. Will you start the game selectively or randomly?

Selectively - Randomly (two buttons)

  1. Please select the order that players will follow in a round.

Selective - Random (two buttons)

  1. Which player turn order?
    Random - Custom (two buttons)

If you think the sentence (or question) should change completely please let me know.