Selection problem with Matinee

Matinee in 4.12 has got a problem with selecting items. Both static mesh and trigger for lift are set to is movable. But There’s something wrong with Matinee itself. I hold down SHIFT to Group Select both my static mesh and Trigger and go into Matinee.

But as soon as I click on any one of the Tracks: Director Group Track, or Movement Track I lose all the current selection
on my mesh and trigger and it only lights up on director or movement track, and if I reselect again my mesh and trigger then try to Add
in new key, I again lose the current selection from off the mesh and trigger and then it says can’t create new key because nothing
has been selected because the stupid program had deselected it soon as I tried to add a keyframe.

It is doing this because something in the code has been wired up wrong to tell it to wipe out all previous selections. Its not even supposed to be behaving like this, both the trigger and mesh are supposed to stay on when adding in a new key, its not meant to lose all the selections.

I need to know what the workaround is to get around this selection bug

There’s a problem with the code in the Message forums which is wiping out the SAVE option from the editor. So I had to reply to my own message just to post a message…

I’ve run into a problem with Matinee and I don’t know what’s wrong. I created the Matinee actor, the animation all works. But when I go to set the blueprint up to play the matinee actor in the trigger’s box blueprint. As soon as I enter the triggers onbegineventoverlap event , and then add in the play node for Matinee, the Matinee actor called Liftmoving matinee actor is not even showing up in the list. It is supposed to be showing in the Matinee actors list but its not even there
and I’m baffled as to why its not showing.

Neither is it automatically connecting it to the play node. I do have Context sensitive unchecked. So why is liftmoving matinee actor not showing up in the list?, I do have the little film strip object in the PIE window selected. why can’t unreal just drag the filmstrip over into the blueprints window if it don’t show up in the list.

This is now become a problem because unless I can get my matinee actor to appear up in the node list, then I cannot give play a target.