Selection Circles - Distant LODs (?)

Green circles are used as selection circles, like the ones in any typical strategy game.
However, as distance increases, they begin to seem weird, even become partially visible (and some point, not visible at all).
Also, when setting visibility to true for selection mesh (for an actor) (when a selection click has occured), mesh becomes partially visible at first, then increases in terms of visibility over time.

How can we prevent these? Or how do you advise us to proceed when handling materials under such circumcantes?

It is fixed size image file used to create a opacity masked material which is then used to create a thin layer of static mesh to be used as the selection circle. Selection circle is added to actor as a component.
(Check out the attachments)

We are also open for new ideas, alternative (prefably more efficent) ways to accomplish the same thing.

Apologies for the poor English.

**EDIT: **Did some reading about LOD but couldn’t make anything useful out of it.

Try this. Click on the arrow to open the advanced settings of the Material tab and there is a “Opacity Mask Clip Value” change it from 0.3333 to 0.1. I think this should work. :slight_smile:

Wow, you are a life saver.
Thank you for your help =)