Selecting the game window?

I created a simple selection wheel made out of 4 buttons. All buttons change an int variable. Ex: Button 1 changes it to 0, button 2 → 1, button 3 ->2 button 4 ->3.
When I’m pressing a specific key the wheel appears, and it is removed when I release the key or when I select any buttons using the mouse. When the wheel (it’s a widget) is created the mouse appears, and it disappears when the wheel is removed. I used the “set show mouse cursor node”.

Normally when I hover with the mouse over a button, it changes it’s color. My issue is that when I first use the key to create the wheel, hovering over buttons does nothing. It feels like the game window is not selected, because if I press anywhere on the screen then the hover works. Also when, I select any buttons it doesn’t work the first time. If I stand still and do it again it works, but if I move I have to do it twice. I feel like this is a problem of selecting the game window… I totally might be wrong.

Here are the blueprints:

I’m basically trying to make a selection wheel similar to the one in GTA V, execpt that I have to click the buttons, for now.

I used the “Set input mode Game and UI” node when the widget is created and when it is removed I used the “Set input mode game only”.

The problem right now is that my buttons behave weird. I removed every single on click/on pressed event they still do something. For instance when I press a button the widget disappears and if I am moving in any direction, the movement stops. I want to be able to keep moving while using this selection wheel.

Basically there is no working event but still if I place a print string node on the click event it doesn’t work. Only the on pressed event works…

I found the problem. Here’s the solution for anyone wondering: In the widget blueprint select the buttons and then uncheck the “Is Focusabile” box. Now the buttons wont interfere with the keyboard input, and it should work properly.

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