Seemingly Random BadCastNode Errors

Hello Unreal-ites,

Running 4.22.2

I’ll test my game, do some work to the game, then re-test the game, and I’m hit with one or more blueprints complaining of Bad Cast Node, which In turn makes other errors pop up. I have verified my machine as well as my SVN server do not have memory issues, or storage issues.

This most recent episode happened when I moved subfolders (ONLY containing levels) to a main root folder, and naturally, right clicked on CONTENT and clicked Fix Up Redirectors In Folder. After doing its job, the errors below just magically showed up. So, to recap. I played the game successfully, then the very next thing I did was move subfolders, then fix up redirectors in folder, then click play again.

It seems any blueprint can behave this way, even blueprints that have not been touched in quite some time. This error pops up despite NOT working on the type being casted to. I’ve had Widget blueprints, PlayerControllers, GameStates, PlayerStates, AIControllers (this example), etc just randomly popping up with this issue.

Has anyone seen this? Could you offer any possible solutions or suggestions as to what is happening?

Thank you for reading.


The example shows an AIController, which has not been touched in month, and a GameState (GSBasicRaceState) which hasn’t been touched in about that time as well. I’m simply getting the GameState and casting it to my own gamestate, and now all of a sudden, after moving folders that only contain Levels, this error pops up.

Hey Reader,

So I have an update. I searched my project folder for GSBasicRaceState (the AS in the cast) and AIPlaneControl (the source Blueprint). I did find a second GSBasicRaceState which was in the Saved folder. Without doing anything after receiving this error, except posting it here, I closed UnrealEditor, searched for these blueprints, deleted Saved folder, fired up UnrealEditor, and bang, no error. I clicked Play and played the game without issue. This tells me it has had something to do with the Saved folder all along (perhaps).

The question I have is, why?