Seeking Vertex painting with Multi-Sub Materials, and Material Resolution Advice

Hi all,

Today I have a couple of questions regarding vertex painting and the resolution of the materials.

So, some context; I am constructing a historic building and wish to show it in multiple stages in its life, which means as it gets older, it’ll look more polluted etc. My idea is that I should material the mesh as though the building is new, so clean brickwork and stone etc, but as I do progressing eras, paint the dirt over the top of the material, starting in the mortar and working out.

My understanding with vertex painting is that; the more detailed and sub-divided the mesh is, the greater detail that can be achieved. My mesh is quite complicated, so this would take a while (unless triangulating works too). This brings me to my next point;

Because the mesh is complicated, and relatively large, in order to achieve the material resolution I want, I am planning on splitting it into multi-sub materials, so I can fill out a uv channel with only a section of the mesh. (unless I can achieve a high resolution whilst also unwrapping everything into the same channel, but I haven’t been able to do this). Would vertex painting onto multi-subbed meshes work well, providing that all material channels are set up with their own vertex paint input?

I shall attach a picture of the mesh. If anyone has any suggestions about the best way to make a material that’ll be high res, and ‘vertex paint-able’, I am all ears, as this has been troubling me for some time.

Thanks for your time!