Seeking Strong Resources for Learning Best Industry Standard Practices with Unreal

A brief aside for context.
I am entering my fourth year of university as a computer science major with a minor in math. I am comfortable with C++ and have a solid foundation of software engineering knowledge. I am within two months of having started teaching myself Unreal. My first few projects were following tutorials; Using them to get a surface exposure to the engine. I did this for about a week before starting my own project. Given this context, here is my problem.

I don’t know what it is that I don’t know. When I want to implement a feature, I try to imagine how I should do this such that I adhere to good design standards and so I don’t inhibit future features or start making spaghetti. I then make an attempt, aided by the documentation and Google. Sometimes, it will become apparent that the engine doesn’t allow for my original implementation. Other times I learn about an API feature that I had not known of. In either case, I will have to amend my approach for the feature based on something that I am only just learning about. Thus, I know that I don’t know how this feature fits into the bigger picture of the engine. In my limited experience, making decisions without understanding how they will impact the future of the project is a fast road to fine Italian cuisine and feeling very very sad.

Can someone recommend one or two unified resource on UE4 that present general best practices? I’m not doing rocket science here; this stuff is already known. I’ll read books, watch videos, or stare at ancient developer cave paintings. Just as long as there is a lot of it, and it’s made by someone who knows there stuff. Random forums posts just aren’t cutting it.