Seeking Like-Minded Developers Who Want to Make a Difference Through Games


I am in the beginning stages of trying to make a story driven adventure game. I have spent the last year and a half learning the Unity Engine before deciding to give the Unreal Engine a try more recently. By day, I am a musician and filmmaker. I went to school for writing and film, and was one of the top five finalists in the nation for the Norman Mailer Creative Nonfiction Writing Contest, and am very excited about the idea of bringing a story to life through the game medium, something I have enjoyed since a kid.

I have gone through many different gameplay ideas for this game, in attempt to try to tell the story in the most effective way, including considering everything from a more artful/fantasy approach such as lowpoly, to Journey-esque, or just artful 2D (telltale games-ish) that has a heavy emphasis on story. However, I do not know any folks around where I live that would be interested in collaborating, so I thought I would post on here.

A few things about the game: While I don’t want the game to play out in a fashion similar to Never Alone, I want to highlight that I particularly enjoy the games use of video/documentary stortytelling to make the game informational and world-view-changing, which is something I hope to do with this game. I am currently working on some documentary projects that are conservation related, and hope to tie in real world footage of real world events to help make the game time-sensitive and relevant.

Setting: Post Apocolypic America, not zombies or war, more an “unexplained environmental disaster” a-la Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” but not as dark or grotesque, that has left the country’s economy and agricultural systems kaput.
Story: Non-Linear Odyssey across ruined America.
Character: 3rd Person Female Protagonist, strong emphasis on decision making and environment interaction (Heavy Rain, Telltale)

If you’re still reading this and would like to hear more about the specifics of the story and why I feel it to be “world-view-changing,” or how I hope it would impact players, feel free to reach out. I am mostly just looking for people to chat with, brainstorm, and if the projects calls to you then maybe we can talk about collaborating!

Thanks for your time!


hmm interesting

Nice , I’m a 3D modeler ( not the best , I’m still learning ) , I also do a bit of Level design and did Animation but haven’t animated in a while now …

If you still need people just PM me or Email me :


So a kind of a dystopia?