Seeking Guidance, Ambitious Creative Project, Low Skill Level although Determined

Hi, greetings.

I have a creative vision, to create a Scene with an Actor that will portray a story found in the lyrics of a song.

The Actor will be lip syncing the song as she walks through a forest with the music playing steadily.

At critical points of the song, areas in the back of her begin to catch fire when, at the end of the song, where she is at the edge of the forest, behind her, engulfed in a blaze.

I am not skilled, not an artist, although, an excellent creative problem solver and determined.

I know the capabilities of Unreal, feel it is the correct vehicle to drive this mental movie into reality and would like to use such platform.

I am overwhelmed as to where to begin. I dab here, I dab there…and it just feels fleeting, just attempts…starting in the wrong spots…creatively lost.

I was thinking of a storyboard, which keeps coming to mind, get it out in some format with direction and take it from there.

If you can provide any insight, direction, guidance, recommendations to further this pursuit I would be grateful for that shared wisdom.

I am trying to keep this brief, at the same time describe the scope of work and can elaborate on the entirety of the Scene as it is in full, from start to finish, in my mind and I just need to get it out there…

Thank you for reading through, looking forward to any feedback.



It depends on how much time you want to spend, good character work (especially with animations) is not simple, you’d need more than a year to be able to do it on your own.

Fair enough. What would be the best starting point?


First off what’s the song/lyric, is that part already written, and by you?
For something like this music is key too: haunting lyrics / celtic roots
Or at least that’s what I imagine, as drum & base/metal/pop this isn’t!

Either way, I would team up/partner up with someone for this project
Is there an animation college in the neighborhood where you live etc?

This sounds like a showcase project, and those are usually hardest!
If Epic was showcasing this, the resources invested would be manic.
There’s a million ways to bomb with this and only a few to get it right.

BTW: Flick through UE4 threads showcasing films / animations too!

The artist is Lennon, the song is Thank you: Thank You - YouTube
Already written, done and I reached out to her, Lennon, and she is fully supporting this project and is actually part of the creative process.

The song is about her life, how the deep disappointment destroyed her, although, she is grateful for that.
The main female actor would be casually walking through the woods barefoot, singing the song, with a burst of flashed memories of events that generated so much pain.

As she walks, as she passes plants, wood, rocks, they all begin to slowly ignite which she does not take notice as it is always behind her. It is her letting go of her pain, leaving it in the past to never affect her again, she is purging.

Eventually, she will walk through the entire forest finding herself at the edge to an open field, Scene, Camera facing her, pulls-zoom back slowly to show a young beautiful woman with this raging out of control blaze of a gigantic forest behind her…fade out…end scene.

Thank you for responding, I really appreciate your input and I am going to make this happen, it is in my head and has to get it out.

I will check on the Threads, thanks that start, and off I go! Maybe in a year, I will post the link to the finished project. :slight_smile: Thanks again.