seeking advice getting started with UE4 and using it for xbox one if possible (novice)

Hello hows everyone’s day going today? If i posted this thread in ther wrong section please feel free to move it :slight_smile:

So Id like to get started using Unreal Engine 4 (most likely using a mac to build it unless you guys recommend a different computer platform) to create a FPS arena shooter, specifically for the xbox one, (or at least on the computer using xbox controllers) and ive tried doing the research to figure out what all i need in order to develop an unreal engine 4 game for the xbox one and havent gotten anything concrete, mostly conflicting information between people saying you need a microsoft dev kit and licensing and proof that your a dev in order to get these things and other people saying that you dont need these things and can use some sort of unreal code to get the proper permission to create a game for xbox one. Im assuming some of you have experience with or knowledge of the proper way to go about creating content for the xbox one. Thank you!

Im really interested in creating an FPS arena shooter for the xbox one, im just curious what you guys think will be the best way to achieve this goal? Also is it possible to create the game on the computer and play/test it on the computer using xbox controllers and then eventually “porting” it to the proper format for xbox one? If it is possible to create the game on the computer as well as test/play it on the computer using xbox controllers, would i be able to test/play online with friends/users or would I need special settings/server to achieve such things. If I wanted to test/play online would I need my own dedicated server? I work for a big internet tech company so that wouldnt be too far out of the question.

I just want to make sure I get all the correct code, products, etc I need to achieve my goals. I know im a novice so i greatly appreciate all of your help, opinions, input, and advice. Thanks!

ps: in case you didnt notice, this is totally new to me and im a complete novice, but very excited to start learning new things!!

I would recommend against using a Mac to develop in UE4. You can find much more information about the UE4 experience on Mac around these forums. To develop for Xbox One, you do need approval from Microsoft, for which you can apply here:

You can plug in your Xbox One controllers to your PC (Or Mac if it supports them), and test with them. If you wanted to test multiplayer, you can do so by hosting on your local machine, and having others join via IP, or you can use a dedicated server from which you host your game, and just join that. Microsoft does not just approve people seeking to develop a game, and you should be able to show that you are capable of producing a high-quality game.

thank you Jamendxman3, that was a lot of good info i really appreciate it. If you dont recommend Mac then what computer platform would you recommend? linux, windows? And ok so it sounds like it might be best to build the game and test it on the computer and then further down the line/development maybe apply or look deeper into switching over to the xbox one. Is “porting” from being on a computer based platform to the xbox one a pretty simple function on UE4? again i greatly appreciate your response, pretty much answered all the questions ive been trying to get answered in one swift reply!

I am not an Xbox One developer, so I can’t answer in regards to whether or not you would need to do any specific ‘porting’, but in general, you can package for any of the platforms with your project. The obvious things you would need to change/add would be any platform-specifics, such as matchmaking, social features, etc. There may be some other things, but as you cannot access the Xbox One documentation without Microsoft approval, I couldn’t tell you. There are certainly some games out there that are known for their bad ports, so maybe someone else can chime in. The vast majority of UE4 developers are developing on Windows, so that will give the best experience. If I were you, I’d consider building a desktop, as that will save you some money.

The engine already has support for Xbox controllers so you can simply plug it into your computer with a USB cable and it will receive those inputs just like it would a keyboard or a mouse and you can determine what you want do do with things like button presses and joystick movement/etc.
For actual Xbox One development, typically you have to have a serious project in development (to show that you’re serious, so it isn’t for hobbyists) and then you once accepted into the developer program you can get a dev kit and access to a version of UE4 that supports Xbox One.
Alternately, there’s a build of UE4 from Microsoft that supports the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which allows you to deploy to a regular Xbox One without being part of the developer program. However, UWP with UE4 is not ideal and from your post I would say just stick to PC where you can still use the controller anyway.

As for hardware–best value is to get a Windows Desktop, ideally something with a GTX 1060 graphics card, 16GB of RAM and a good CPU (depends on your budget).
Windows laptops are usually still a better value than Mac if you want to go that route as well, but you’d likely be paying almost twice as much for a laptop with similar specs.

As a beginner, definitely start making your game for PC with controllers. Make it look and feel like a console game. When you reach a beta stage you can worry about “porting” it to Xbox One. From what I know it is relatively easy, and will mostly be extra stuff you need to do on top of what you already got for PC. At that point UWP deployment should also be more mature.

As already said, PC is by far the best dev platform. I recommend at least a high en i5, 16GB ram and GTX 1060, but you can do a lot with weaker hardware.