See player collision at run time with camera filter. Is it possible?

Hello there.
I want to prototype something where the player would see through two different camera at once. One camera would be normal and I would like the other to see a simplified version of the world.
By simplified version, I want to see only the world collision with the player character like when using visibility collision filtering (as seen in the attached image from Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine).

To had complexity on top, I would also like the simplified camera to see collision outline and also to have the color of a specific collision change depending of what type of actor it is (perhaps using actor tags).

Does anybody would know to achieve that if it possible and have an idea on how to do it? If you do know how to do it and want to share it in code or blueprint (I am technically not asking for a tutorial but this is a plus since I would need to know how to if it’s possible), I am open to suggestion.


  1. Search the forums under user Tim Hobson (Epic Games) for his Radar Pulse Post Process.

  2. Experiment with Vertical Split-Screen using the Post-Process only in the right window pane
    (If its possible… As it may require engine mod to get Post-Process working in split-screen iirc)
    Experiment with Render texture to a plane: 2D-scene-Capture-Cam. (Its usually expensive tho)!