See if anybody have a solution to this :)

Hello unreal developers .

I developing this theme park game in unreal :). But I have a smal problem I want to have a solution for :slight_smile:
Is there any way to build with that a have import to the engine when its realest ? for correct me if a wrong now I have to make up a separate function for this ? Is the same ide that planet coaster and city skylines are build up . I want people that play my game can use that I have build in there own park not only see theme in the parks :). Its a later function for this game but I will be happy to now the solution now so I can plan the project little bit forward for next year :). Its this even possible ?

All advice appreciated :).

What ?

Exactly, what does this mean?:

Viper, that’s pretty rude. English probably isn’t their primary language and even if it is, it’s still not very nice to make fun of them. Picking on someone for their English/grammar skills is pretty low and really shows your true maturity level.

Let’s say you build a city builder game and you create this building for the game . How do I set up the game so players can use them to build there own city when the game is releaset

Take it easy, this isn’t an attack on anyone, the post is funny because it makes no sense, there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out.

If you have some city components like buildings and such you’d need to create some type of city editing mode, it’s not something that’s all that simple to explain, but you’d need to create a UI where the player can select the objects they can place and then you’d need to create a way for them to select the object and place it on the map. You would likely use Blueprints to control what an object you place does in the city as far as gameplay goes.

Okay so it’s possible later on to make this work ? :). That’s great :D. I’m going look some YouTube and stuff how this work with the UI system and stuff but that’s great news :slight_smile: