Security Cameras / Alarm example help

I’m hoping to use the Security Camera / Alarm system from the Office Example in a game I’m working on. Unfortunately I’m having trouble following the blueprints. Could someone ELI5 for me? I’ve copied everything that I need into my project, but I’m not understanding how to draw the connection between a security camera blueprint and the alarm. I believe my issue lies with not quite understanding how the interface blueprint is used.


  1. make sure you are not just copy files, you should create your project and use migrate function inside the Office Example.
  2. I’m pretty sure a 5yo would just get confused when you say you can pass event from this graph of color blocks and wires to another graph of color blocks and wires.
  3. after checking out the blueprints, I can list you a few things to study if you already have trouble to follow that 3 simple graph(camera/door/alarm)
    • make sure you understand control flow and what they do, especially branch and loop
    • make sure you understand some basic math about vectors(as all direction/rotation requires them)
    • make sure you understand the difference between function/event and then blueprint interface.
      interface is basically a collection of predefined functions and events for their inputs/outputs(only function have output) but no actual content of the graph.