Security camera issue for Descent style game

Hi all, hope someone can help. Have been using a mix of tutorials and the Unreal examples to try and make a Descent style puzzle game.

Problem I am having now is getting the security camera found in the blueprint office to trigger the door closing and lights to go off when the player is detected by the security camera.


Any ideas? Thanks

Some more Details would be great. How does your blueprint communicates right now ? Camera → PlayerSpotted → DoorClose is exactly the same in the Blueprints Example, didnt you copy that ?

Thanks for the reply, I used all of the blueprints from the example map. Made sure my custom player had all the interfaces so they were linked an no joy. Funny thing is I tried to create a blank map inside the blueprint office project and placed just the camera, doors and alarms and had the same issue. Must be doing something wrong when I place the items,

After you placed the camera you need to assign a target for that Alarm in the Details Panel :


Here it is set to the sliding door from the blueprint Office example