"Sector" type of "Pseudo-Lighting" (Build Engine-like)

I would like to know how to create a raycasting engine type of “pseudo-lighting” solution, something like the Build Engine (Duke3D), on the Unreal Engine.

If I remember correctly on the Build Engine (which I haven’t used since… 2002), you had to change the color and brightness “palette” of the Sectors (the space inside any floor / ceiling individual zones), so an illusion of real-time lighting could be created by affecting sprites stepping into various Sectors with different shades of brightness or colors.

I guess, on the Unreal Engine 4, such effect could be replicated with a simple “floor / ceiling only” (or even walls) Material affecting meshes / billboards on the Z Axis (World one certainly) (floor / ceiling) with a translucent shade of brightness / color separate from the diffuse texture, except I don’t know much about material creation but the basics. And I really doubt I should use Volumes since these are Cubes only ; so a Material setup appears as the most logical option to me. I’m just not sure if it could be done in the Material Editor only.

To resume, it would be something like Stencil Shadows, but for lighting using flat surfaces as a source.

Any thought on this Pseudo-Lighting Material idea would be appreciated.