[Seattle USER GROUP] Looking for group members for the NASA Space App Challenge


Hi everyone, Matt Matte here, your friendly neighborhood Unreal 4 community rep in Seattle!

So my plan is to get a team together from these forums and at my monthly UE4 Meet up (happening this Wednesday, you should come) to take on this huge international game jam that you probably never heard of. You can read all about it here, but the TLDR version is NASA is organizing a big portion of it, but it is international and taking place in cities all around the world. They want to get groups together and try to solve some of the Earths problems today and in the future. We all share this planet so it makes sense.

I figured that as a team we would select which challenge we want to do but after looking them over If I had to pick 3 interesting ones, for an Unreal Engine based app, it would be these.

1. Asteroids 2025 - 2100 A Future History - I imagine building a level on an asteroid. There would be buildings, factories and systems in place and we could show that visually and play in the level and do things. And mostly based around the idea of extra terrestrial mining operations. I would love to see mining moved off our home planet and onto more lifeless rocks so this is my first choice.

**2. Deep Space Camsat - **This is a perfect Unreal Engine project. Design and model and animate a deep space cube satellite and we would basically make this awesome visualization with Unreal that people could just watch. It would have special effects and high poly models. Perfect for a group of artists.

**3. Zero Gee Bee - **We could design and model and animate a quad-copter drone for use on a space station or spacecraft. We could also make a level for it to fly around in and people could play this when we are done.

You can see all of the challenges here.

All three of these are do-able with a team of at least 3 - 4 people in one weekend from scratch with my lead. The more people involved the better chance at winning!

I’m looking for concept artists, modelers, level designers, graphic artists, Unreal enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to contribute, learn something and meet some cool people along the way!


here’s were I would start.

Hey is this an East Side thing? Or are you looking for people in the city?