[SEATTLE USER GROUP] Looking for a project or team to work with? MEETUP WED Jan 14th

Seattle Unreal Engine 4 Meetup Round 2!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2014
5ish - 9pm

Hi everyone!

This is the second edition of the Seattle UE4 Meetup and it went great last time! We had well over 30 developers and many of them from Epic HQ here in Bellevue WA. We plan on having more demos to show off this time around as well so bring yours!

Hopefully you can make it! I chose the Rabbit Hole because it’s very close to the main bus line on 3rd and I know the owner so that’s a plus! We can eat good food and enjoy drinks while chatting about Unreal and learn new things along with meeting new faces.

Just like LA, Bring your project ideas, concept art, game design doc or whatever it is you want to share or have questions about.

For more info on the meetup:

Please join our group and RSVP!