[SEATTLE USER GROUP] Looking for a project or team to work with? MEETUP WED Dec 10th

Seattle Unreal Engine 4 Meetup

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
5ish - 9pm

Hi everyone!

I was getting requests on twitter to start a meetup in the Seattle area and after I saw Unity had one, I had to take action :eek:

Hopefully you can make it! I chose the Rabbit Hole because it’s very close to the main bus line on 3rd and I know the owner so that’s a plus! We can eat good food and enjoy drinks while chatting about Unreal and learn new things along with meeting new faces.

Just like LA, Bring your project ideas, concept art, game design doc or whatever it is you want to share or have questions about.

For more info on the meetup:

Please join and RSVP!



Thank you for starting this! The Unity group here in Seattle is one of the largest Unity groups. And I feel like kind-of a traitor going to their meetups because I like UE4 so much better.

I won’t see you on Wednesdays but if the venue is packed some month and it’s on another day I’ll try and make it.

Ooh awesome. I will definately have to try and make it. Little short notice and my co-owner and I live about two hours give or take traffic but we will defitnately try to make it. Was at PAX this year and that alone was a goldmine of info from the Unreal Engine Devs. Would be awesome to meet with other local developers using the engine as well.

Glad to hear you’re interested! We’ll be doing it once a month so maybe you can make the next one :slight_smile:

Well like I mentioned I will do what I can but good to know it will be an ongoing thing :slight_smile: If we can’t make it this month we will definately shoot for next.