Searching Wisdom from the Council about Screenshots


I am attempting to have a screenshot taken automatically after a number of events happen and a widget it displayed on the player’s screen.
I have given it a try with these nodes through blueprint, both by a key press and just natural node communication flow.
I am seeking any knowledge about these nodes and what I may be missing or what is required for a screenshot to be taken automatically. It doesn’t have to be high resolution either.

Many thanks,


Thanks Neongho,

It wasnt right. I needed a space. I got that working but it doesn’t capture the Widget which is important. So I am looking at this blueprint node which states it is for UI.
When I get to the point and then look at the LOG it says the screenshot was taken and stored here. But… that folder and file path doesn’t exist.

I have made sure there aren’t any files or folder hidden.
I also tried to make those folders myself but nothing was saved into them.

Any ideas?