Searching for help - technical inconvenience on ue4.9 projec

Me and my team have had troubles on our ue4’s project. We need to migrate all the project in another one.
The project uses a lot of resources and we need to relocate them in order to be subdivided in three main subfolders (Shared, Local, Private) because we adopted a kind of shared development by separing services in these 3 folders (Shared for sharing cloud, Local for SVN,
Private for non-shared resources).
But, when we ‘Move’ the folders from their location to another location, they always lose something (even if we use “Fix Up Links” to replace the linking objects non-relocated).
Problems are usually oriented on maps and blueprint custom classes. We also tried to take some resources from an opensource project on github, which is OceanProject, but we had troubles to transport their resources in our project without mistakes.
The most part works, but something has always some problems. So, our question is: how to avoid or repair all the problems related to assets migration?
Thank you for any help

PS: It is very likely that this is the wrong email, but I looked around the site and I could not find a way to contact you; can you tell me who should I contact? Thank you