Searching for a lighting option


I’m searching for a specific lighting option but I’m not sure if it exists. I’d like to be able to take a mesh and have it not lit dynamically by static lights. I know, sounds a bit weird.

The situation is I’ve baked the static lighting for a mesh using an external renderer and applied it using the material. I’d like to leave the shader as lit so that dynamic lights still affect it. Unfortunately static lights cast dynamic light on to un-baked objects. Their contribution has already been taken into account, so it doubles up.

Additionally, I’d like to remove the same objects from being lit by directional lights (or from capturing shadows from them).

I see there are some lighting options on the actors and components and lighting channels but all of these controls are disabled.

Is there any way around this?

either set the object to movable and remove any cached ambient light from the scene if all of your lights are static (it sounds like they are stationary though), or set the object to use a different lighting channel. not sure why that part is greyed out for you though.

Thank you! Setting the mesh actors to movable let them participate in the lighting channels they need. Then I set all of the dynamic lights to use that channel too. So rather than adjusting the static lights, everything else moves to a new channel instead. Solved!