Seams in lightmapping... :(

Hello everyone, I have a problem with this scene , cuts appear at the corners and no longer know how to fix , here you have some pictures, thank you very much , greetings.



Not sure I know what you’re talking about – the lighting there looks smooth and correct to me. A corner would naturally appear to have a “seam” … What are you expecting to see?

The problem this in the corner, the light not look real, and sorry for my English, and Spanish and my level is low…xD

The shadow is smooth, but its not look good.

Looks fairly realistic to me. Here’s a photo of a corner I just took, looks about the same to me:

It’s ambient occlusion, deactivate it in your post process volume. It can look fairly unrealistic at times when it’s too pronounced.

Thank you all, I suppose I must set the lights to give more realism , I was confused and thought that was unrealistic but you 're right

There is an old trick of making a corner look smooth.

Generally smoothing groups have a hard time with 90 degree angles so what you can do is make the room a single object and chamfer the edge. Your angle change will then become 45 degrees.

You can do the same thing with any hard edge that looks like it can cut like a knife.

A bevel in the corner right? not if I understand what you wanted to tell me , if I 'm not mistaken, you talk to open the room in a 3D program , and make a bevel at the corners , is that correct?

Yes if your building the room using a 3D app then it’s common practice to chamfer the edges of hard body objects even if it’s small.

Example of result to the smoothing group.

The box on the right has an exaggerated chamfer of about .3 but the difference is a much nicer easement than the one on the left in the stock 3rd person template.

Interesting article on the subject