Seams between different materials on same mesh

Hi Guys
So I’m making a race track in Unreal 4 and in order to make the mapping consistent I have put on multi sub object materials in 3D Max. When exported to Unreal I’ve got the various materials on the surfaces, though I keep getting gaps where the materials meet. It is strange as the mapping is seamless in 3D Max.
Here is a picture of what is happening.

Any help would be appreciated as it does kind of ruin the effect I’m trying to achieve.

Hmm, I have to log in when I want to see the picture. Could you probably upload it somewhere else?

Hi Fighter,
Looks like I took the address when I was logged in, rather than logged out which is this one instead.

This should work.


Ok, So I’ve been rebuilding the textures and found that if it was a parent next to an instance it appeared, as soon as It became two of the same type of materials next to each other the seam vanished! Odd but fixed the problem.