Seamless Travel and Creating Multiplayer Sessions

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure where I should post this as there was no networking forum, this is C++, but not gameplay. It is fairly deep in the engine, so I figured I would start here and see what people say.

I would like to use seamless travel everywhere for my game (aside from it being the preferred approach, because I would like to have 3D elements which remain onscreen throughout the entire experience).

If all my gamemodes have seamless travel enabled, then when a user creates a multiplayer session, it cannot be connected to by other users. The reason for this is that when seamless travel is on through all gamemodes, LoadMap is never called. LoadMap being called eventually results in port 7777 being opened and listened to for incoming connections. Even without LoadMap being called, the rest of the setup occurs correctly and the session advertises itself and is discoverable, but because the port was never opened, clients cannot connect.

Is this a bug? If not, is there somewhere that describes the intended workflow for using seamless travel? I would like my objects which will be persisted during seamless travel to persist even as users go from single player locally to a multiplayer session and vice versa. Though I may be aiming for something that wasn’t intended as a use for seamless travel.