Seamless Texturing of Interiors

Hello! I’ll cut right to the chase here lads,

So I’ve been making my interior flooring, walls, and ceilings as 4x4 4x2 etc. type pieces. Everything went smooth in the modeling process, but now I sort of realize I have a problem when it comes to texturing. When I make my materials I find it very hard to keep them consistent and seamless. For example my flooring is made of small tiles and when I try to line up a 4x2 flooring and a 4x4 flooring, the tiles simple dont match at the edges.

My UVs are different sizes so even the squares are bigger on one over the other…

Im doing my texturing in substance painter and Im wondering if theres a different process to this I should be doing? Is there a way to maybe just throw my geometry in Unreal and have some kind of world based texturing tiling and slap all my textures on there?

Would love to know how its done by the pros, thanks for taking the time to check this out! Any help is appreciated!