seam issues: please help

I’ve been trying to fix this issue, asking for help with multiple communities for days. I’m stumped. I believe this is a common issue related to surface normals and tangents. However, I have no idea how to fix it. Please help. It does not require building to show the issue. It shows on the edges of the texture map, not the lightmap. Its not the green channel or smoothing groups. I baked in 3ds Max, but XNormal gives the same results.

What does it look like in the static mesh editor? As far as lightmaps go, did you make sure to adjust the resolution? Default is 32 which is probably too low.

One thing you might want to do is check to make sure you don’t have any UV’s that are flipped. In Maya you can turn UV coloring on and see red for flipped UVs. To me this looks like an issue I have seen before on my end.

Thanks for the replies. It turns out my normal maps were left on TC_Default … I needed to change them to TC_normal on the details. What got me was that in uDK the option to change it was right in front of you on import. I saw some of them were importing as normals on the bottom-right of the screen on import, but some didn’t without me realizing it.

if you put Normal in the texture name it will usually set it to use normal map compression automatically for that texture.