Seacan/container with two doors, using same key, but one door at a time

I am new to blueprints (and programming) so please excuse my naivete, the last time I seriously did anything with editors was when Unreal Tournament first came out. I am teaching myself Blueprints and have come across an issue I can’t wrap my head around.

I have a seacan/container that has two doors on it. I cannot figure out how to get the doors to open using the same key, but only one door at a time (each door as its own trigger box), it seems if I press my action button (in this case “F”) it opens both doors, regardless if i’m standing on the left or right (triggering only one box, which I can verify by watching my blueprint work live). I have resolved to setting each door to a different key, which works, but is not the outcome I am searching for.
What am I doing wrong regarding the trigger for the doors?
Should I have a separate blueprint for each door? If so, can I embed a BP into another?

I have attached my BP, I also have a text showing the user what to press as they engage the trigger, which works fine.