Scrollbox Widgets disappear

Hello fellow developers!

I tried to get a range of Widgets into a scrollbox. In this case it is a server list.
But when I create a new entry, it gets shown for half a second and is invisible afterwards.

Here are some pictures:

This is the ServerList

This the LobbyEntry

And this is what happens when I attach multiple of the Entry widget.
The white background is a border.

I hope, you can help me!

What if you did that blueprint setup after construct instead? Or when a custom event is called.

Because right now you’re doing all that every frame. You’re trying to stop it with a gate but what really happens is that the execution goes through the gate, gets all widgets, for each widget, when finished reset the gate, so its just going to execute again next frame.

Thank you very much for explaining! I set up a custom event I trigger, when creating a lobby entry and now it works perfectly!