Screenshot Saturday!

Nice. Based on this I believe you must be the guy with the blog about making an FPS, I was looking at that and am about ready to dive in.

Very cool! Ill be following your progress on this one very closely, I really love the mechanics so far!

oh my… such talent

keep it up guys

The billiard room of Dunkenhof Manor in the game Vernon’s Legacy on #screenshotsaturday.


The billiard room of Dunkenhof Manor in the game Vernon’s Legacy on screenshotsaturday.


Well it’s saturday, so here is a planetary system in UE4. The player is seen orbiting a moon around a gas giant.

Some slightly better-looking pictures in the thread just below :stuck_out_tongue: .

aww man thanks! thats good to hear, I really want to make something i love and everyone will enjoy.

Wanted to share a post on a quick rundown on what we have been doing with the use of Substance Designer and the flexibility of what being able to use procedural materials within unreal engine 4 ‪#‎ScreenshotSaturday‬](#screenshotsaturday | Facebook)
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Just started to work

After 1/2 Weeks Zbrush learning:

Original Artwork:

We just finished up Day 1 on Steam Greenlight. My poor F5 key…


This is our game RELAPSE :slight_smile: it’s an horror themed adventure game. Some things are subject to change but you can check us out on our
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Criticism is always welcome!

screenshot saturday

It’s Saturday right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Latest screenshots from our short in real time, Frequence! ( still in work in progress,but the level art mostly done )

Frequence is a story inside an environnment made of surrealistic musical instruments.the textures and shaders are done in substance painter and designer


C&C are welcome

The abandoned manor in Vernon’s Legacy.


Testing out ue4 , want to try make a med-evil zombie survival game , tried to make a simple scene but im dont think ive got it right :confused: never tried any sort of programming or visual game design so bear with me :confused: any advice on getting the grass to look better ? :frowning: or how i could improve anything else in the scene ?

another one

and another

and another one

Happy #screenshotsaturday from The SoulKeeper

Working on a taxi vehicle variation, not done but at the same time getting a video process recorded for texturing up this car.
This is for the game PROXY, here is the link to the game forum