ScreenPercentage + SecondayScreenPercentage optimal values

Have studied this lengthy documentation and screen percentage is starting to make more sense however I have a question not really covered.




act independently and together to either upsample (better performance) or super-downsample (better quality) your scene.

But what are some optimal setting combinations for both up and downsampling if targeting Windows desktop or Xbox?

Also both only work in PIE mode or or standalone binaries.
Is there any way ScreenPercentage can work in the editor Viewport when NOT in PIE mode?

Simply: There is none.
Screenpercentage is a scalability setting to downscale with a better look, not something that should be static. But with TAAU it starts artifacting hard below 50%. Also, as far as i know there no known use for secondaryscreenpercentage.
TAAU is effectively an alternative to DLSS, which depending on project can look better.

Thanks. Also my results show TAAU doesn’t play nice with DOF.