Screening (RV) Room Tool - Specialisation Project

Hi Everybody,

My name is Oliver Engels, I am a Student at the NHTV following the course Game Architecture and Design (Specialising in Technical Art and Tool Development).
Currently I am doing my specialisation in the development of a Tool that will help in many part of the Game Development Pipeline (Supervised by Robbie Grigg).

Small description: The tool is a translation from a Film and TV Screening (RV) Room tool (Like Shotgun, Ftrack, ConceptShare etc) to a Game Production Environment.
The tool is currently being developed in Unity 5 but the tool can be translated to other engines.
The engine choice is do to that many students at the NHTV are working with Unity and are currently just making the step towards Unreal.
To make sure that I got a large number of testers it would benefit me a lot to generate it first in Unity and later translate it to other engine when all data is collected.

Thesis : Translating a Modern Film and TV Screening Room to a Game Production Environment.

My focus lies on two Hypothesises:

H1 : Integrating a film-style Screening Room into a modern game engine improves productivity in a game production pipeline and
H2 : Making use of multiple versions of game assets for review, comparison and selection in the final product is feasible in a game development production.

To get some data I generated a Survey, your input will help me to improve the tool and my research, at the end there is a option of filling in your email to receive the final paper. Link:
It will take between 3 to 4 minutes with 25 optional question and 2 mandatory ones (these 2 are used to guide you through the survey), for more information about the tool check the following link:

Thank for filling it in and your time:), for any question you can always leave a message or contact me on: