Screen won't fade from one level to another!

I have a main menu up and working perfectly fine.

But my problem is that the screen won’t fade from this level, which I’m using as a title screen, to the main level. I don’t want it to just jump from one thing to another. I have attached a screenshot of my blueprint.

The fade only affects the camera, not the widgets if thats what you mean?

Ohh, ok. Then how would I have a camera set up for a main menu, with the fade in and fade out happening?

Even if you have a camera on your menu level (if you only have one camera UE will use it) the widgets will not fade(unless you make your menu in the world using 3d widgets). but at least the background will(whatever the camera is looking at).

Ok, do you know of any tutorial that would/will show me how to set the camera part up? I can not find a good one, or one using a camera. Just showcasing it.

Here :