Screen Space What the...?

Hello there, yet another question…

For some reason I do not comprehend my blue sky color is being reflected on the inside floor of the living room as if there weren’t any walls blocking the light… What have I done wrong? If I turn of the sky (at the moment an atmo Fog, but it is also blue if I use the BP_SkyBox)
The lighting set up is that I have a directional light, a sky light, an atmo fog, as well as a couple of soft point lights filling up the inside a bit…

TL/DR: Why does my sky reflect (SSR) on the interior floor even though the ceiling and walls should block it?

Edit:// yeah right… how about a screenshot… :wink:

Looks like you need to place aSphere Reflection Capture Actor inside your room with a proper radius. This should help with getting rid of the sky reflections

yeah, that solved it, but why does the SSR capture ALL the light around it and not takes static meshes that block the light into account?

Just have a look here:

SSR physically can’t reflect what’s not rendered, if it’s there then it’s not SSR. Sometimes reflection probes can be too big and you need to resize them so that they don’t render sky maps from indoors.