Screen space reflections not working on a 970M. Is this GPU just insufficient?

I have a project that I’ve been running on a desktop with a 1080 Ti and screen space reflections work great there. I synced that project to a laptop with a 970M and they don’t show up at all (at least not in the editor; I haven’t tried a standalone game build yet).

I’ve confirmed via the output log that the editor is indeed selecting the 970M and not the inferior Intel integrated GPU. I have the latest Windows 10 NVIDIA driver (382.05) and DirectX 12 is installed. I do notice that NVIDIA Control Panel reports an available Direct3D feature level of 12_1 but the output log in UnrealEd shows the selected GPU as “‘NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M’ (Feature Level 11_0)”. I didn’t think screen space reflections were a DX12 feature but maybe I’m wrong?

Basically what I’m wondering is if I should expect SSR to work on a 970M at all, or if this is just a lost cause.

Yes, that should definitely work. Make sure your accessibility settings in UE4 are set to Epic so that it is enabled as a graphics option