screen space irradiance not working in 4.21

Hey, the screen space irradiance demo-ed as a post process material works as expected in 4.20 digital human project. As I open a copy of the digital human in 4.21, it seems something is broken as I couldn’t observe any difference when dragging the slider of the ScreenSpaceIrr post process material between 0 and 1.

Did I miss something? Will rebuilding the material from scratch in 4.21 fix the issue? Thanks!

Bump on this. Had the same issue.

I can confirm SS irradiance is not working in 4.21. Just tried it in 4.22 and it’s still broken!

EDIT: I created a bug report for this issue.

Just saw that issue come up in the 4.22 preview thread, I fixed that some time ago for myself, the issue is that there was a small change that stopped the custom node from working correctly.
All you have to do is open the “ScreenSpaceIrr” material and in the “calcIrr” node change the line:

int BaseColorIndex = 25;


int BaseColorIndex = 26;

It looks wonky to me to reference these scene textures through indices like that. If the shader stops working in the future, I would suspect that one of those might have changed again.

4.23 is including an official screen-space GI solution, one not restricted to a post-process material and custom nodes, which you can play with in the dev-rendering branch on GitHub.

@witch-dev Thanks for sharing that fix!