Screen Resolution for DK2

Hi all, do I have to change the default screen resolution in UE4 for using my game with Oculus DK2?
DK2 work with which resolution?


You cannot alter the actual resolution for the DK2. Once you enter “Fullscreen” through either a console command, command-line argument in the shortcut, or pressing Alt+Enter (or “Stereo On” specifically), the Rift will activate. It is not dependent on any other resolutions. But it is running at 1920x1080 FYI.

Hi there, even though what StephaBon mentioned is correct (the final output resolution will always be 1920x1080) i think it should be pointed out that because of the pre-distortion that is applied to the image you should always try to render at least between 30 to 40% more pixels in both directions in order to obtain a pixel density of 1.0 in the center of your view. A screen percentage of 100% “hmd sp 100” (1920x1080) results in terrible quality when displayed on the DK2.

I think that’s one of the main reasons why they changed “screen percentage” to “pixel density” on the hmd commands. I believe the current default of “hmd pd 1.0” is the equivalent to the old “hmd sp 135”, so with the default setting you are effectively rendering at 2592 x 1458. That’s one of the main reasons why VR rendering is so expensive compared to normal screen rendering. Also the higher the better, if you can go over 1.0 pixel density then the final supersampled image will look much better on the DK2.

Thank you for your answers!

Oh yeah! Completely forgot about that.