Screen redraw in editor doesn't work after adding jump pad

Found another bug on mac osx 10.10.5.

After adding a jump pad in the editor into a custom map, the 3d viewport turns black and just shows black. The other viewports are unaffected. Have to remove jump pad, save map, open a different map and then reopen the map I was working on to see 3d perspective view objects again.!

Removing the jump pad and rebuilding returns the 3d viewport to working properly.

Version: 4.8.0-2710036+++depot+UE4-UT-Releases

Hi sincitycyclops,

I was not able to reproduce this on our Macbook pro running OS 10.10.5. in UE4.8.3 binary so this may have already been fixed. Please try from a later Change list (2634408 or beyond) and let me know if this is still occurring.