Sci-Fi Sounds Pack

Hey Devs,

I’m gathering feedback for my upcoming Sci-Fi SFX pack that will be released on Unity Asset Store, Epic Marketplace and others. I’m looking to see if I’m missing something and what price would you be comfortable paying.


  • Different Weapons, reloads, foley, aiming, etc.
  • Doors and Portals
  • Shields
  • Spaceships and drones passing by
  • Interface Sounds
  • Servos, devices, and engines
  • Electric sparks, data calculating and glitches
  • Miscellaneous sounds like air hiss, alarms, plastic, and metal foley
  • Ambiances loops of cities, machine rooms, winds, rumble, and hums.
  • And other stuff

Estimated number of files: 700


The package is due to be released in mid-November.

You can check more of our work at

Also, would you be willing to pay for a lite or pro edition?