Sci Fi Mech Pack Coming Soon

Hi guys,

Just wanted to introduce to our new Power Suit pack to go along side our SciFi Male and Female Soldier Pack.

Sketchfab model
Sci Fi Power Suit Pack by DigitalShock on Sketchfab

Existing Pack

Sci-Fi Male Character Pack by DigitalShock on Sketchfab

Sci Fi Female Soldier Pack by DigitalShock on Sketchfab

Looks awesome!

just some quick questions, is this meant as a “equip able” Mech Suit or as a Mech companion? If its a suit will it have any way to “open” for characters to simulate putting it on?

Mech is great, Mech suit is even better

There can’t be enough characters. Quality seems to be good. But i hope it is compatible with the default skeleton.

Everything we do is compatible with default Skeleton.

We are making this as a mech suit, that is correct. Like Starcraft troops.

That looks gorgeous :wink:

nDo/dDo or Substance for the textures? ( i guess Substance :wink: )


For what it’s worth, that looks like a “power suit,” not a “Mech.”
“Mech” is actually a trademark of Battletech, short for their Omni-Mech walking tanks. 20-50 feet high. Legged because of terrain mobility, not to try to “fit a human’s legs.”
So, if I were looking for Mech meshes (which I am,) I would not buy these.

3D Coat is what we use. Substance isn’t good IMO.

Just an update on final art

where is the sword and shield… or perhaps rocket backpack?.. um, wait… too much gundam request I guess? xD

Lovin it, keep em comin

“Mech Suit” or “Mecha Suit” would be a good name.

Looks great. Female Soldier looks great too.

Can you release on Unreal Marketplace as well? It has a great Wolfenstein/ Killzone/ Alt-WW2 look and feel to it. Higher-poly version, of course.

Yes, we thought about releasing that pack as a cheap pack.

wooooah! :smiley:

Added Sketchfab model

As another has mentioned, widely this isn’t really considered a mech. Its been said that one wears power armor, battle suits and exoskeletons. But a mech, you sit in and pilot a mech. Mechs are vehicles, power armor is infantry armor.

Fair enough. Looks good overall. Could be armour for a Paragon hero… :slight_smile: