Sci-Fi Hallway Runs Like A**?

Hi, just a quick question, i have downloaded a bunch of the nice projects on the marketplace to check things out, when i try to launch this Sci-Fi Hallway from Quixel, the thing runs like a slug on valiums. Now my system is really not that bad, gtx 670/i5 3.3, my question is, is this normal, is Unreal Engine 4 just that much not well optimized for performances yet? Or am i missing something? I’m thinking maybe there’s something im missing or not doing right, i’v just started using UE 4 so i apologize in advance if my question is noobish.

I have a gtx 660 oc and an amd phenom II 830 2.8 ghz quad core, and this scene runs fine for me. Last I ran it I was at around 30-35 fps.

Were you in “Launch” mode or only Play in the editor? Because this only happens to me when i use Launch.

It popped up another full screen window from the editor, not the viewport. That what you mean?

No thats not what i mean, you can use the button play in a toolbar to play in the editor but you can also use the Launch button to… sort of compile and launch the program as if it was the real thing, when i use launch the performances drop to like 1-2 fps and lower, but only with launch, and im curious as to why that is.

Normally when you launch it, the editor is still open -> launch the game - close the editor - check your fps rate

Try what Fighter said, I know that sometimes when I launch fullscreen window from the editor, it runs real time in the viewport behind and it nearly cuts my fps in half. So it could be doing the same thing in your editor if it’s still open.