Sci-Fi buggy game

Hey guys I’m new to UE4 and I was just wondering how if a project I have in mind would be doable. So my project would is going to feature two environments, a dessert and a snowy scene. The scenes will have a sci-fi scene. I wanted to create and texture these environments in Maya and Mari then implement them inside UE4. After these scenes are in engine I want to create a buggy that the player can use to explore these environments. I want the buggy to have realistic physics when jumping off of cliffs etc. Do you think this is a viable project to undertake by myself?

Thanks for your help!

In my opinion it shouldnt be hard to create something like that. The best place to start would be the vehicle template :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to build the level in the UE4 and not in maya → just create the models, textures, skeletal meshes, collisions,… in maya and then assemble the level directly in the ue4

So create the terrain in UE4 and not maya?

Yep, because the included terrain system is pretty good → lod’s, texture painting, level streaming,… :slight_smile: But you could create it in maya - bake a height map (raw 16) out of the terrain that you have created in maya - import it into the landscape tool.

Thanks for the advice!