SceneCaptureComponent2D Colors Washed Out

Sorry I’ve been searching all over for the answer without finding any updated information & cant find in documentation so here goes…

When using the Scenecapturecomponent2D I notice the colors are washed out.

My Settings:

Capture Source: SceneColor (HDR) in RGB, inv Opacity in A
Mode: Overwrite
Primitive Render Mode: Render Scene primitives
Capture every Frame - ON
Capture on Movement - ON

No matter what adjustments I make in the settings it does NOT affect the captured view. I am able to move the object correctly using widget mouse XY capture, but the scene is just washed out. Blacks are more grey in tone. The target Gamma setting on the RenderTarget also has NO effect on the end result. I cannot even see an image or outline in RenderTarget.

The scene capture is attached to a camera… I’ve tried just attaching it to the scene to see if the camera causes inherited effects - Doesn’t change anything.
If i change the capture source to Final Color LDR I can affect the capture with settings but LDR colors are not very accurate and I read HDR produces the most realistic views which I am trying to obtain.