SceneCaptureComponent won't stop capturing

I have a menu that should take the current Screen as a background Image.
I attached a SceneCaptureComponent2D to my CameraManager

This Camera Manager has a function called “get currentFrameImage” that returns a newly created Texture Target:

This Texture Target is fed as a parameter to a material instance

But the Texture still gets captured every frame!

My conclusion after using SceneCapture2D was that it’s updated every time you move it.

I was having such issue some time ago and I was only able to create a TextureTarget2D at runtime with the Victory Plugin Library. It has a function that creates a TextureTarget2D at runtime, specially because it (apparently) does not work using the default engine’s functions. Try adding the plugin and then use create texture render target 2D function:


Yeah, except that my component doesnt move at all.

Doesn’t work though. Still Captures every frame


I made it work.

I simply set the Component to hidden after capturing a frame.
Before I take a snapshot I unhide it.

Nice trick! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: