SceneCapture2d ultra blurry

hey guys, i have a big problem y attach a simple scenecapture2d to one object but when i move in game, its enormous motion blur, i try disable from the capture also the post process volume, but nothing happend, still the same

is a bug or what? is very weird

greettigs people!

You should be able to turn motion blur off on the camera actor that’s tied to the render target. That’s probably where the motion blur is being applied.

hello TheJamsh, yes i follow your tips, but still blur, check this video from my problem
i thing is a ugly bug, maybe i need to publish in the feedback section.


Hi ZkarmaKun,

This would probably be a question better asked on the AnswerHub. Please post this on the bugs section there for a quicker response if this is a known issue or something that can be tweaked.

Thank you!


thanks tim i will do, both.