Scan data to landscape (accurate dimensions)


I am attempting to create pre-visualization (and possibly virtual production) scenes in Unreal Engine 4, using scan data from a real-world filming location. We have the scan data (taken via drone) in Blender and scaled to accurate dimensions, but I would like to take the height (and possibly color information for lod - but that’s secondary and not really a necessity or the point of this topic.) and use it on a UE4 landscape (to make use of the landscape-specific features.) I can probably find a tutorial on creating the height map, but how can I ensure that:

  1. the “height” (elevation) is accurately represented from the blender model.
  2. the dimensions match the UE4 landscape (would cropping the model/height map to a square 4x4 km be the easiest method? Would this match a 4x4 km landscape in Unreal as a 2 or 4k image?)


Thanks in advance.