Scaling problem when retargeting


Trying to import a skeletal mesh from unity to UE4, to use with UE4 animation.

The skeletal mesh is well imported, but when i try to retarget my animation, i get a scaling problem with untargeted bones:

There are two noticable things in this picture:

  • The approx size is huge (billion !)
  • The wrong bones are all the 4rth bone of each finger, which are not used in the animation and don’t appear in the source rig (humanoid rig).

Is there a way to tell UE4 to forget about those unused bones ?

Just in case: the retargeting options are:

  • pelvis: animation scaled
  • All the others: skeleton



After a few more tests, the problem is not related to untargeted bones.

In fact, any new child bone targeted gets its scale multipled by ~100. With this exponential rate, the scale reaches the limits of the preview panel after a few children.