scaling lights for gigantic indoor environments


I’m new to Unreal and I would like to try and make an FPS game where you play a tiny character (about 4 cm tall) in a normal sized house.
To prototype this idea I downloaded the free “ArchViz Interior” level by Epic Games that I found under the “Learn” tab in the launcher.
I then scaled up the whole level 50 times (as I have understood this is a better approach then to down-scale the player?).
The problem now is that the lights don’t really seem to scale the same way.
The level contains 1 directional light for the sun, several rectangular lights for the windows and 1 point light for a lamp.
I have tried for several days now to tweak the various properties of the lights to try and make it look like the original level, but I honestly can’t seem to get anywhere close (I have also tried to use baked/static lighting instead of dynamic/movable).

I’m wondering, is it even possible to achieve realistic lighting of an indoor scene of this scale and type in Unreal?
and if so, could someone provide some pointers and guidelines for how I should be modifying the lights to achieve this?
(real-time ray-traced lighting is unfortunately not an option for me because I don’t have access to such a gpu)

also, I’m using UE 4.26.

Thank you in advance for any help.


I don’t actually think you need to scale the scene.

The feeling of size difference is about camera angle. Instead, try camera fov. What’s wrong with scaling down the character, have you tried it?

Yes, the “light radius” does not scale when the transform scales. You’ll have to find all light radius/distance parameters and scale them manually.