Scaling level with lights? Please help =)

So I made my level way too small and put all the lights in. I have like 200 lights and I want to scale the level up and the lights scale with the map in the position the belong in. I’m sure I will have to ajust the lights afterward but theres gotta be a way???

Can you not just press ctrl-A to select every light and mesh in your scene and use the scale tool to enlarge them? To my knowledge, they should remain in their correct positions.

Hey @BIOHAZRED1! Welcome to the Forums!

If the ctrl-A solution does not work for you, if they are not already grouped together, spend some time moving your lights to a folder in your outliner. From there select the top most light, then shift click the bottom most light, and you should be able to adjust some of the general settings of your lights at once (intensity, radius, etc.) like @anonymous_user_a002689d suggested.

I hope the above is the solution you need!

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Checking in with you, did either of the above solutions work for you?