Just a quick question. I see in the wiki that they have no information about scaleform.

Is this something epic might include in the future or should I just wait for an announcement from autodesk?

scaleform does not come with UE4 by default, would have to license it and then integrate it yourself (i was just looking into this)

Okay thanks for quick reply, was also checking out autodesk homepage now. I guess you have to install it like a plugin later on in the future.

Before you consider Scaleform as your weapon of choice, have a brief look into Blueprints! They are extremely powerful, some HUD examples made with Blueprints can be found in the Content Examples.

If you don’t mind me asking, what were you hoping to achieve with Scaleform that you cannot achieve with Blueprints, Canvas & Slate?

ScaleForm uses vector graphics converted into polygons, can this be done by UE4?

You can use simple textures or materials. You can control parameters of your materials through blueprints which offers a much more direct way of working, since you don’t have to jump in and out the editor. Digging into blueprints is well worth the time trust me :slight_smile: